Friday, January 18, 2008


You are lucky you are reading this, instead of hearing me. I have a sore throat so i am all croaky and grouchy. I am not a good person at being ill, I moan and moan and mope about with a cosy blanket around me. Being naturally a little prone to melancholy, i get down about all the things i am missing out on.

Todays post is on Peacocks, Primark's slightly more affluent friend. I regularly shop in Peacocks and i brought smart trousers, a dotty button dress, slouchy plaid shorts and a pink open-collar smart shirt the other day.

On their new website, they have just released their new spring collection. I think these are cute:

Black Chiffon: £10, Black patent trainer/pump: £12, Blazer: £20 and Pink Cardigan: £10

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