Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sur La Mer

It feels strangely wonderful to be writing this. I hope some of you have stuck with me, especially in a sea of fashion bloggers who have exams or are suffering a crisis of fashion confidence.

Anyway. Yesterday I went to Brighton with my parents and I thought I would post some photos. For once its relatively relevant as when we visited the Brighton Museum they had an exhibit called 'Little black dress' which was really cool, it has dresses from Amanda Wakeley, Chanel, Julian MacDonald...lots of people and had a gorgeous dress Victoria Beckham wore, all black fishtail. Most of the photos came out a little flash-y but I hope you will excuse that.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I like that snowflake dress, and the floral one behind it is really pretty too. Congrats on getting your exams over with! Are you feeling better? Email me soon!

Dawn xxx

Danau said...

Hey thanks for reading my blog. Brighton is beautiful, isn't it? Especially in the summer. And for someone who likes fashion it has to be a good place to see lots of new and original styles. It's one of the reasons i chose brighton.
Will look through your blog in the upcoming days, as I am a bit of a fashion addict myself.
Keep blogging and keep reading,