Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Great Divide

They say every family has a black sheep, well Baa.

I am my family's black sheep, although I have elements of my Mum and Dad I am completely different to them. My Dad is calm, always joking, he loves sport, Tarantino movies and moaning at me. My Mum is kind, always busy, loves Arsenal, Hallmark movies and asking me to wash-up. My brother is a sort of mixture of these things. I think the main barrier is football. My family is football obsessed, its on ALL THE TIME, always talked about and always takes precedence. I LOATHE football, sport in general and I still don't understand most of the rules. This provides entertainment for my family, like when I said to my Dad that I thought Ally McCoist played rugby, to much hilarity, poking and snorting they managed to get out that he was a 'legend' in Scottish football. I think I can blame my internet addiction on this, I always go downstairs to watch the Apprentice, play a game or do something and find football is on, and then on after that. My discourse is always met with blank stares, 'Dad did you know Perez Hilton had this photo of Lily Allen....yeah its a gossip' and no-one ever knows what I am talking about.

Right now I can hear some cries of Rochdale, who my Dad told me 'are in our league'. I sometimes imagine another family somewhere, who are all watching Project Runway together, or Mighty Boosh and there is a girl sitting there sadly in her Arsenal shirt longing for a sporting family. I have her family. Oh, Dad just called up the stairs to tell me Pompey are playing soon and apparently 2 years ago I said I 'liked them' and this means I have to come downstairs and support them when they play later on. I just replied with a nasty snort and apparently now I am 'missing out'. Whatever. I can name all past winners of ANTM Papa. Beat that.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean... I'm the black sheep of my family too. They're all quiet life, simple life, living-in-the-country-idyllically, and so forth. Whereas me, I'm a rocker girl who dreams of being up on stage. Or writing a book, or both. *sigh* It's frustrating, isn't it?