Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I have needed a new DVD player for AGES. My old one I only got at Christmas and it went all grey and wavy on me. This meant i've been playing all my Mighty Boosh and Frasier DVDS on this laptop which is already overheated enough from having to be on constant charge. ANYWAY. After already trying to return it once (forgot control, so annoying) I finally got a new one. Phillips, it really likes me already and played 70's show perfectly earlier.

Piles o'laundry. A close relative to my 'tower o' laundry'. Exams are gone and I am all out of excuses.
I broke my wayfarers. Luckily my Mum got a pair - what a hipster - so I can steal hers.

Gingham. My first love. This is now filled with my girly crap.

I am in the shadows. Watching waiting. I love this because I look more than slightly gormless. Without a gorm. Or like someone told me bad news and I was exhausted.

This is what I got today. I wanted a cute tshirt because I seem to just have plain tshirts and cardigans. I wanted something to wear under a dress to edge it out a bit. I also got a cardigan and a striped jumper, light spring wear. I tried on a gazillion dresses today, and I got attached to a black polka dot playsuit, which I LOVED but knew I wouldn't wear outside as it was a bit short for me.

This is my exam sheets, finally DONE! You can see my chick lit happily shrouding my questions about Adam Bede. I am sick of reading the critically acclaimed.

Bonjour! I am going against all the 'rules' and going stripe crazy lately.

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Stripe crazy = <8