Monday, May 26, 2008

Cette Semaine

. Been playing Guitar Hero, and moaning loudly about missing the LAST NOTE of Miss Murder - this ruining my 100% score. I tried playing on medium, but my little finger can't press the button properly.

. My friends had a bad week, on Saturday night they both texted me at exactly the same time, one pal had spent 5 hours in Surbition A&E with a friend who had lost a tooth in a nightclub fight. The other one had just been dumped, not even by the 'man' himself, he got their mutual friend to tell her. Lame.

. I have had a Russell Brand week, I have been reading his book, watching youtube stuff and listening to old podcasts of his BBC2 Radio Show. I am listening to one right now, and i'm sure my gestures and language will gradually be more flamboyant.

. Making my parents laugh, telling them how my friend had a wild night out that involved stitched then allowing them to make a comparison with my squeal about Eurovision being on. I invited my pal round, cooked Nando's chicken and loved Spain's entry (Quatro, la robocop)

. Baked. I sort of threw everything together, baking powder for soda, any kind of flower, weird measures of sugar, no vanilla. Doesn't taste that bad. Ish. With icing.

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