Sunday, May 4, 2008

6 Quirks

This has been floating around for a while now, and I thought I would do it - whilst watching Indiana Jones. Actually, just doing this has annoyed me. I generally dislike people who label themselves quirky.

1. I am addicted to sugar. Not in the silly way people jokily pretend to be, eating a skittle and saying 'oooh i love sugar'. I NEED sugar, I am constantly eating sweets or drinking Diet Coke. This is why my dentist hates me.

2. I have a horrible habit of phases. Especially with food/books/tv shows. I fall for something, do it to death then can't bear to eat/read/watch anymore for a while. Before Christmas it was chicken wraps, Austen and SATC.

3. I don't think I could cope without the internet for over 4 days. I am always on it, or thinking about it.

4. I LOVE fanfiction. LOVE.

5. When I think of myself I am always confused, I seem to be a constant contadiction. Whenever this is just normal and I am trying to feel special I don't know. I think most people are more constant than I am, despite how much I loathe change.

6. My panic disorder. It means I can burst into hysterical tears over exam rooms, worry incessantly - yet be completely calm under an emergency and push through to do the things that matter.


Anonymous said...

I am SO going to steal this. :B

Anonymous said...

I feel like the same exact person right now.