Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yes, Registration is to the left.

Sorry to sound like Veruca Salt, but I am so happy my week-of-work is over. It was only a week but with all my panic stuff, it was a stressful week. Even though I was minding the information/cloakroom tent I mostly chatted to people, the same thing everytime 'Yes, the cloakroom is empty - it must be the changeable weather'. Or I directed people to the toilets, one of the days I had to chat to a taxi driver for a German family.

Since it finished I have been:

Looking aghast at the mess I have on my bed

Then ironing. I had to wear black and white clothes all week. Do not want.

Looking at the beautiful view outside my window. It's all pinks and blues

Taking scary swooshy shots.

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