Thursday, July 10, 2008

Grey Skies and Mean Reds

After doing my usual trail through fashion blogs, and my pal's LJ's it seems as if the blues - or the mean reds - have hit everyone. So, being slightly susceptible I have joined the club. Why has today been so miserable?

My unhappiness is always linked to my anxiety, rarely do I ever feel genuinely straight-off unhappy. I am easily cheered - some skittles, a new fic, a good song and I am dancing about my room. But, if I remember something to worry about - which happens about every 10 minutes, I am instantly unhappy. I have a lot of free time at the moment, there are no summer jobs in my area and I tend to overthink during the summer. I remember reading once that it takes 7 good things to cancel out a bad thing. Right now, all my other worries aside I am worried about a job I am doing next week, its only for a week, but I am very anxious about it. Very. So, I am going to think of 7 happy things.

First. I am selfish. Think of people who don't have half of the things you do, the very fact that you are typing this on your own laptop makes you intrinsically selfish. Add onto that family, friends, etc.

1) With the telling-off done I will move onto Music. I am constantly listening to something, either my IPod or podcasts. Music makes me very happy, and very sad - but - it makes me feel something and that's whats important.

2) Something that I have always feared - since a bad childhood Friendship - didn't come true. I met new people recently and it worked out. People won't automatically dislike me.

3) Words. Pretentious perhaps, but words always make me feel happy. I am always typing, writing, scrawling or reading, poetry, magazines, websites, books anything. I would die without words.

4) The Weather (how British of me) right now. Its cloudy and about to rain. I loathe summer, so this weather makes me happy. I love a moody day, with the wind blowing through my room.

5) The Internet. I am addicted. Completely. I adore it. Love.

6) Comedy. If music isn't on, a comedy show or stand-up is on. Nothing is better.

7) The Job. I am going to be semi-brave and try to list this as positive. As I keep telling myself over and over, its only for like a week, and I can do it. I did it before. This may seem silly to others, to be worried about something so small, and something that isn't even starting till next week - but it's not to me.

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Katie Rosemary said...

Interesting theory, but I guess we should all take the time to realise how lucky we are sometimes.
Completely agree about music. Whenever I'm in a funk I have a "Cheer Up You Loser" playlist which has all the songs that make me smile. Never fails.