Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Night Fever

Gorgeous new items from

I think this is really cute, I love the lace and pink mini pom-poms
Irregular choice shoes are always interesting and different and I love these
I can't wear heels, but I really like the little wing detail at the back

A simple, easy to wear black dress with a lovely double-collar

A bit early for Autumn, but considering the weather this is cute now.

This would look awful on me, but underneath a dress or with the right top would look really great.

I love plaid, and this looks so cute and effortlessly stylishAlthough you would probably only see the blue, I think these are beautiful

Topshop has also had some new items this week:

I love the bright colour, drapery and pretty collar

This could be hard to carry off, but its beautiful

I have a hundred pairs, but I love the slight cats-eye.
Cute, will go with a lot of things. I LOVE Gingham

Grecian, stylish.

A bit short, but the colour is beautiful

I love the chain and the shape

Pretty colour, I like the details and the buttons.

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LML said...

all of it is soo cute! i cant choose which one is my fave!