Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Da da da da *click click*

I've had a nice couple of days, with some friends back from Uni and a lot of forum-meet-up-planning. However, these happy events has been marred by my stupid decision to dye my hair. It's way too dark and I could have cried mournfully when looking into the mirror. Less Snow White, more Wednesday Adams. That should be my tag line. I have decided to cut my hair in an effort to rebuild my already tenuous relationship with the mirror. My skin, in a dramatic coup has decided to follow suit and ruin my complexion. I am not a happy gal.

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Dawn said...

I'm sure your hair isn't as bad as you think. Did you use permanent or semi-permanent dye? If it's permanent, just get some highlights put in, or even better, bright streaks! I know it's horrible when it doesn't turn out right (I once tried to streak my hair purple and it came out salmon pink!) but I'm sure you can make this work to your advantage!

Hmm, I haven't dyed my hair for AGES. I should really let it grow out but my roots always look really dull, so I keep re-dying it. I usually only use semi-permanent, though I'm thinking of getting some teal blue streaks done soon. :)