Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Prince Will Come?

I have just thrown my brother's guitar hero to the ground in a childish sulk (Cliffs of Dover on Hard caused this) so I am relying on Austin Powers: Goldmember to cheer me up. After singing along to 'Daddy wasn't there' just now; I feel a little better. The meet-up yesterday went really well, I had a lovely time despite feeling so sick and anxious on the district line that I was thought I was going to faint by Earl's Court. A tourist glanced at my pale, wide-eyed face and slowly moved to another seat. Harsh, but fair.

I thought everyone was completely wonderful at the meet-up; and I got a present that left me completely speechless and I have yet to take it off. However, when I meet up with strangers I usually spend the trip home feeling like I just sat a 'social exam' and I am waiting for the results. Yesterday made no exception, so thank-you my self-esteem for hitting a new low.

Today I have been bored and sulky, so I indulged myself in fics and Ella Fitzgerald. Ooh, Yesterday one of my friends, knowing my hopelessly romantic nature, got me a little frog in a box, which after 72 hours, water and magic turns into a PRINCE! The instructions are in German, she is from Austria and she kindly wrote out the instructions in English for me.To say I am excited about the transformation is an understatement. I have yet to take my eyes off of him. I took some photos:

I'm not sure what to call him...


Eleh said...

oh my god. has it changed yet? my cousin love frogs! this could be a nice gift for her. ok this may sound funny. but does it sell online?

christine said...

what a funny little gift.

watching "goldmember" is the only time I can stand watching beyonce!