Sunday, June 15, 2008


I am becoming old before my time. Although, to be fair, I was always an old person in a young person's body. I love libraries, other people being quiet, good manners and complaining about the weather.

Anyway, I think I have found my kindred spirits, the moaners on BBC's Point of View. A great deal of people saying about the amount of football. I think I am in love, I too am absolutely sick of football being constantly on - its dull, repetitive and overpaid. Now they are showing the hideous Mary Whitehouse and some unattractive young man is chatting on about the watershed. His chest hair is growing up onto his neck, which I don't recall seeing before. I just heard a new voice, looked up to see who the new expert is - its his Dad so I am now typing this giggling inanely.

Now its about a flooding show, some people are calling it the second coming and others are asking for no theatrical pauses. They included views from the messageboard, I would love them to have to say something inappropriate, 'and we have cheeky69sexvixen commenting on credits squeezing'. Whats on next? Songs of Praise. Sorry God, I don't want to see Aled Jones beam with love for you, or see embarrassing middle-aged religious dancing about.

Now that's a Point of View.

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