Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I was toying with showing an honest representation of my day. When I read Fashion Blogs - which is often, like 30 a day - I always wonder how people actually do stuff in their beautiful clothes. They must have glamorous lives to go with their mary-janes, avant garde style and photography skills. If I showcase my day it would involve a lot less socialness:

Average Day:

11:40: Mooch out of bed moaning. Brush teeth. Frown at self in mirror. Roll back into bed and flick Russell Brand podcast on. Diet Cola

12:00pm: Get up, throwing on sweatpants/tshirt and do chores

12:30pm: Laugh at Mum for watching the Daily Mail views of the Loose Women

12:40pm: Play Mario Forever, post on Boosh forum

12:50pm: Read Jezebel.com, some fashion blogs

1:30pm: Play Mario forever. Eat cookie. Diet Cola. Boosh forum

2:00pm: Stick new podcast on, watch episode of Frasier/Boosh/70's show/SATC/Friends

2:30pm: Diet Cola, Sweets, stick on odd socks, stick on fan. Boosh forum

3:00pm: Toy with updating blog, but after reading others feel unworthy.

3:30pm: Check to see Uni results. Mario Forever. Facebook.

4:00pm: Guitar Hero. I was going to post a photo of me, but considering I play with the strap so tight its more of a ukulele - AND - my Guitar Face - I chose not to.

5:00-7:00. Do you not get the pattern by now...?

8:00: I cook dinner, in a gingham apron, stick on stand-up comedy on youtube as I eat

9:00: Change in pj's - an old band tshirt and shorts. Complain about heat. Diet Cola

9:00-1am: Forum, Lowculture forum, Sweets, Podcasts...facebook.

Yep. And I WISH I was making any of that up.


The Clothes Horse said...

Ah, that is how I wish my summer was! I roll out of bed, throw on clothes and go to work. During lunch I snap my pictures and upload them later during work. By the end of the day I'm tired and lately I watch a french film (I'm educating myself with french cinematography ^_-).

christine said...

oh man, this is me on my days off, ESPECIALLY your 3:00 entry! i have dozens of saved entries that have like 2 sentences each!
at least I'm not alone?! my shames are Jezebel/diet soda of any kind/facebook/lifetime or hbo/pathetic attempts at working out.

loveyoumore said...

Erm, can I have more days like this please? Sounds amazingggg xx