Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ms Matalan

Why is there no Matalan near me? I will sulk for a bit.

Isn't this dress pretty? Kind of what I want for my graduation, but I don't want it in black. I love the corsage though, so pretty and simple; and I like the straps. I am tired of seeing idendical floral strapless prom dresses. Only £25.

I much prefer this print to the hazy, digitalised images on dresses lately. Its so delicate, called the 'Monet'. I like the pleats, and again, the straps. £20.

Cupcake shorts, £5. Adorable. NOM.


Em x said...

I have that Monet dress and its grogeous, the picture doesn't really show but it has the cutest bow on the waist.

Anonymous said...

Matalan is now trading online!!!

Mad Hatter said...

The first dress looks similar to a Primark one I owe. Awesomeness.

mee said...

2 cute esp the cupcake shorts.x