Friday, May 22, 2009

Beauty School Dropout

Still searching for my holy grail of a full-skirted floral dress to wear to graduation. There are a lot of florals about, and a lot of 50's styles, but none have proper skirts, they all tend to be teeny-tiny mini-dresses. I had to make myself stop looking at American vintage sites, because everything was perfect and I was cursing $400 price tags.

But today in TK Maxx I found a black dress, with a chiffon skirt and netting over the shoulder, with a corsage at the neck for £3, so I am wildly smug about that. I stuck my little belt on it, and it looked much better, so even though I brought some ribbon and some braid to customise it - thats from watching Gok Wan all the bloody time - I will leave it plain and just add to it with belts, scarves. The other week I got a black satin cumberbund belt from Primark for £1, and that would probably work too. I will take a photo of it later, if anyone wants to see it?

So - anyone else who is graduating - thinking of the dress yet?

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