Monday, April 20, 2009

My Week

. Despaired of ever finishing my coursework/dissertation.

. Discovered the Adam&Joe podcasts.

. Ate my weight in Kinder treats.

. Made Alice in Wonderland style 'eat me/drink me' decorations for my wall.

. Saw IAMX. CapsLocksCorner was a bit epic.

. Listened to a band sing (live) the lyric, 'don't touch me daddy...there'

. Saw a girl wear 8 hats. Postmodern.

. Coated my mouth with sticky red lipgloss and gazed at myself in a mirror.

. Became a total fic fangirl (more than ever)

. Ate an ice-cream as big as my head.

. Spent an hour looking at graduation dresses, but did no essaying so it was all a bit ironic.

. Saw 17 again, felt like it was back to the future high school musical.

. Listened to Hamish and Andy where a listener pushed a car out of a plane to land on a target. Ended up squealing with excitement on the Met line at Rayners Lane.

. Was again asked if I was french - tourists in London always think I am.

. Got saved from tube-door-death-slam

. Went walking in Bluebell wood


Sophia said...

8 hats? hmmm, don't think that's quite enough. but yes, completely pomo.

loving the week synposis. cute!


Em x said...

Fab lipgloss and i love the alice decorations!

Stephanie Kim said...

oh my god. i remember i went to europe and i ate like 23 kinder eggs in one week.