Thursday, April 2, 2009

In which our heroine avoids her dissertation

. Had my last EVER lecture. It felt very odd though because it hasn't sunken in, and i've still got so much work to hand in. It was strangely sad though, when he finished and it all went quiet for a moment, and when i got out my notebook and realised I didn't need to write anything down. The seminar was lovely, we just joked about Austen and decided who we would invite to dinner (Me; Marianne)

. Watched over 5 hours of Flight of the Conchords. 3 episodes to the end of S.1.

. Went back to help in my local Brownies group - girl guiding - this again was very odd because I hadn't helped in over 4 years, but it all came back to me. I also got a HSM3 Easter Egg, which I smiled at, and made the girls very surprised by singing, 'I want it all' at them. Perhaps they thought I was mature. They were wrong.

. I had my 'forum birthday'. Can't believe its been a year, and that something so insular brought me out of myself so much. I can't think of anything I treasure as much.

. Choked on my sub in Subway, remembering the bad luck of one of my friends and how she got pooped on by seagulls 7 times in one year, and no-one else ever did. Then I remembered how we gave her a song, 'Bird Shit Girl' sang to the tune of 'Uptown Girl'. This caused me to spill my Sprite as I squealed my giggles.

. Fell in love with Spotify.

. Tried on hats in Oxford Circus Topshop. I make an attractive widow with my veil.

. Wrote some songs for a friend's band. I am the new Tom Waits.

. Went to Windsor for Mothers Day, and had the best-ever hot chocolate.

. Wore my pretty new shoes out to eat, and fell over, causing my skirt to go up.

. Brought a new jacket, I look like Violet Beauregarde in it.

. Finally 'got' Twitter.

. Took part in Earth Hour.

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