Friday, March 13, 2009

This Week

1. I had a killer sore throat, the doctor gave me penicillin, which I have moaned about because i've had it a thousand times and it tastes like spit.

2. I took a break from the internet, a bit. The forum really.

3. Re-installed the Sims again, and kissed goodbye to a dissertation pass.

4. Nearly died with podcast delight at Hamish&Andy and Russell being together. Cannot wait for Monday's duel.

5. Suffered a fic drought. I am ill, fics will cure me. *sad face*

6. Had to cancel out on my best friend's birthday party and feel terrible.

7. Ordered a new battery for my laptop.

8. Worried, worried, worried.

9. Fell in Love with Mr Knightley again.

10. Sighed over the fashion layout in Glamour magazine

1 comment:

LML said...

hope u feel better!

i cant wait to see i love you, man :D