Friday, March 6, 2009

This Week

. I realised my dissertation is due incredibly soon, all 10,000 words of the little darling, and had a heart attack. I then kicked a cushion.

. Spent more time listening to Hamish & Andy than anyone else.

. I actually liked my two classes, Austen and Victorian Culture.

. I handed in coursework for both of those modules, and felt the overwhelming joy as I posted them into the box.

. I saw the Shopping movie, very cute. Hugh Dancy is dreamy. All tanned sternness.

. Finally figured out Twitter.

. I ran about Uxbridge bus depot, imploring the drivers to look on U3's for my Oyster.

. I ate my body weight in Strawberry laces and drank an ocean full of Apple juice from my new Sharpay and Ryan mug.

. I continued to be hypocritical by watching constant episodes of Girls Next Door.

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